Saturday, December 24, 2022

 Happy Holidays everyone. My posts have been sporadic, but pleased to announce my new chapbook for the New Year: Viruses Guns and War from Main Street Rag Press: It is in pre-sales and you know what that means, I need you to buy now, get later. $7.50 to pre-order, and the more who do that, the more and faster the book is actually printed.  At the site are three samples from the book for you to dip your toes into.

Here is the amazing cover by Donald Guravich, who has kindly offered art to grace the covers of four of my books to date: 

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  1. It takes courage and confidence to write about current social issues because they are, by nature, controversial. Who better then, than a poet, to be the one to take on
    topics like "Viruses Guns and War"? In this engaging and compelling collection of poems, LeMieux guides us through the challenges and conflicts of our nascent century by
    giving us glimpses, flash reminders of what we are living through.

    The grimness of THE pandemic is captured is such simple lines as
    the police are too busy
    confirming deaths
    on park benches
    to answer calls
    about unsanctioned basketball
    games in the park.

    She deftly pairs the COVID-19 pandemic with the pandemic of death and violence that rages on the streets of America in "Double Pandemic":
    American knee of oppression
    on my neck.
    Virus of death
    in my lungs
    I can’t breathe.

    Poem after poem, LeMieux shows us who we are, what we have done and are doing to each other — bigotry, selfishness, and violence dominating our lives, and still she manages to weave in threads of hope. This collection of poems made me uncomfortable, as it should make anyone think about how we fit into the patterns of avoidable destruction that surround us. Good writing does that, and this is some of the best I have read.