Saturday, December 24, 2022

 Happy Holidays everyone. My posts have been sporadic, but pleased to announce my new chapbook for the New Year: Viruses Guns and War from Main Street Rag Press: It is in pre-sales and you know what that means, I need you to buy now, get later. $7.50 to pre-order, and the more who do that, the more and faster the book is actually printed.  At the site are three samples from the book for you to dip your toes into.

Here is the amazing cover by Donald Guravich, who has kindly offered art to grace the covers of four of my books to date: 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Wild Roof

 My poem is up at Wild Roof; issue 11 - Read it here: 

Angels protect us from angry gods

the ones you wrestle in the night.
like kidnappers
who snatch you from life
and keep you isolated
for days on end
then bring you an apple
and some soft talk knowing
you’ll do anything for them
even kill

but wait
say the angels
beware of false gods
and prophets
even beware
of false angels
dressed in heavenly white
wearing halos

real angels
dress in work boots
and have calloused hands
furrowed brows
the world weighs down on them
the same as on you so that you never know
who might be working beside you
as you fire up the chain saw
for felling a dead tree so massive
a multitude of angels
could dance on the stump

crowded and sweating like mortals
and drunk and mean
as ten thousand lumberjacks.