Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Welcome to my new blog Dotty LeMieux Poems and More. I will endeavor to keep up with my publishing, such as it is, and other news of note.

For today, delighted to be chosen for publication by the Mill Valley Literary Review.  Look for it this spring. And you can see my first poem, Fire and Fury,  up there now.

And to be included in the Marin Poetry Center Anthology. Here is the poem that appears there, first published in Gyroscope this year.

Woman her World on Skids                                               

Paused at the red light, I see her —
Urban traveler at a crossroads, 
waiting out the light
weighted by her world on skids behind her
Arms bent back holding the plastic
reins of flattened cardboard
bearing the world —
not aloft as Atlas —
but on folded boxes that can be opened
into shelter,

black plastic bags, the heavy kind
for cramming every bit of trash
you clear from your property
before you move in or everything
you call your own
as you move out

In her bags she has crammed husband
House, children now grown, job
in a bank or a store
or a factory in another state

nice clothes or rags
an apartment, tenement, old folks’ home
crazy house
the faraway lap of ocean
on foreign shore
wing of white bird soaring

I watch her adjust the weight, knuckling
gnarled hands into locked grip
Bearing the more private, the more precious, cargo
on her bent back not a bit
of slack in sinewy limbs, face taut as a fist, eyes
tight against unforgiving sun, not an ounce of wanting
to be here but with steadiness
because after all, she is moving

if not quite upright, at least, not quite
prone, and with purpose

As the light changes.

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